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Steve J Davis cpp_certificate

New Course released today!

What a ton of work! It is a labor of love.

Introduction to Assessment of Posture and Musculoskeletal Balance Course. 1.5 CE Contact Hours/Science

I am including full access to the Library with this Course.

It is very useful as it gives an overview to the entire 60 CE Contact Hour Course in Science.


Estimated time to complete this Course: 1.5 hours.

Structure: Lesson 1, Quiz for Lesson 1, Library Lesson.

You must pass the Multiple Choice exam with a 80% score or higher.

If you don’t pass the quiz, just reset it, and take it again. You can take it as many times as you want to.

The Course is offered as an Interactive Distance Learning Course for CE Contact Hours in Science that you can take at your leisure, on your own schedule. You must participate in our Private Forum for your Contact Hours requirement in the Interactive Distance Learning Course environment.

There are 10 multiple choice questions, and we have many valuable resources available in Lesson 1, in the Library, and in our Private Forum.

The Library is considered a Lesson. Please remember to click the blue Complete this Lesson box at the end of the Library Page in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. There is no quiz for the Library.

Course Lecture Video: Intro to Assessment of Posture and Musculoskeletal Balance Course.
1:32:48 hours, minutes, seconds.

PDF file of Transcript of Video and the full Transcript is on the Lesson Page.